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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi ―


We can take almost any material and transform it into something that can continue having a productive life. If you have equipment occupying space in your warehouse, an inventory that you do not use or is outdated, or that needs to be destroyed, we can help you.



With the largest variety of new, used, and remanufactured products, Neo Broadband Inc. can easily provide you with the products you need. We invite you to browse through our extensive library of information and equipment manuals for our online inventory.


Neo Broadband works extensively to provide you with amazing deals. Make sure to to visit our website regularly and subscribe to our email newsletter to find out about our latest promotion. We offer great selection of products at incredible prices for a limited time.

                                                                REFURBISHING AND REPAIR


The equipment is received then their lids are removed, inspected, and discarded if there is any damage caused by water, short circuiting, or physical imperfections. After being selected, all the needed accessories are installed.


Neo Broadband's Customer Premises Equipment Solutions & Integration help you focus your budget on delivering superior yet affordable customer service on a consistent basis.


We simulate the real field experience starting from the input of the signal up until its output and final distribution. This gives us the opportunity to try out any headend equipment to the extent of its performance.


We coordinate the management and processing of customer returns. Under this end-to-end solution, product is: tested, refurbished as required, returned to usable or saleable inventory, routed through the repair process and returned.


We efficiently utilize the adequate tools for the revision of links, net protocols, ARP lists, IP lists, and file transfer protocols that are necessary to guarantee an optimal functioning of the equipments


Our warehouse utilizes the WMS software system for a seamless electronic linkage of products at their reception with their specific storage unit for exact traceability at all times.


Neo Broadband Inc. is home to a specialized staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the remanufacturing and repair areas.

Neo Broadband Remanufacturing Department, located in our Miami Warehouse, is a worldwide full service repair and refurbishing operation.  We have the best-trained technical staff in the CATV industry.
We specialize in refurbishing line-gear, set-top boxes, head-ends, cable modems, power supplies and remote controls.  We take pride in our work and are proud of the workmanship and quality of all of the products leaving our facility.
We can refurbish, test and certify digital set-top boxes, docsis cable modems, analyzers, fiber-optic transmitters, nodes, amplifiers, line-extenders and various types of head-end equipment.
We invite you to visit our high-tech, modern test facility and showroom, which is located in Miami, Florida.  For further information please contact your sales representative or send us an e-mail using the button below.

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IPTV and OTT-TV Video Solution: A pre-integrated solution to deliver broadband and broadcast content to consumers anytime, anywhere, on any device.


We have a variety of platforms for your cable television operation and can offer any level of DOCSIS platform your company needs as well as train your employees for use and implementation.


Strong wireless signals and wide signal coverage.  Ease of implementation and low deployment cost. Stable signals and zero interference.